Twin Shores Landscape & Construction Service

Tree/Arboriculture Services

The demand for highly trained and qualified arborists was never more evident than when Katrina’s hurricane-force winds twisted and toppled a vast majority of trees in the metro area. Twin Shores responded to that need and created a much-needed arboriculture and tree division staffed with a number of Louisiana licensed arborists and highly trained personnel.

Our Services Include:

Specialty / Corrective Tree Pruning

This involves removing weak or damaged limbs from becoming a liability to both the tree’s health and the homeowner’s legal responsibility.

Fertilization / Amendment Programs

An important process in ensuring the health of newly planted or established trees. The right fertilizer, along with the proper application, will add years to the life and health of your tree. Not properly applied, the wrong fertilizer can severely harm or even kill your tree.

Large Tree Transplanting

Implemented when the value of the tree outweighs every other option in regard to removing or replanting.

Tree Protection Fencing

A vital process that involves protecting the soil beneath the tree from trunk to drip line to prevent root damage and soil compaction by heavy machinery.

Lightning Protection

A highly recommended process that protects highly valuable trees from being severely damaged or even destroyed by a direct lightning strike.

Tree Removal

Removing dead, dying or undesirable trees that may be a hazard or liability to the property owner.

Stump Grinding

This process involves the removal of the stump below grade to allow for replanting or reseeding.

Tree Health Consultation

Healthy trees are a valuable asset to both homes and businesses. Poorly structured trees are a liability and a hazard.  We can help assess the general condition and future of your tree.

Trees are what we know best. Please contact our Arboriculture/Tree Department and make an appointment with one of our Louisiana licensed arborist to assist you in all of your arboriculture needs.