Twin Shores Landscape & Construction Service

Neilson Residence

Completion: December 23, 2008

Instead of moving or building a new home, our client decided to keep their home and do a large scale renovation. This renovation included adding porches to the front and back of the house and renovating the garage into a new pool cabana. Our master plan included a new pool, driveway, fencing, courtyards, fountains, and landscape lighting. We worked diligently with their home builder to coordinate the complex underground utilities and scheduling of construction. The construction sequence of a project of this size is of utmost importance. We needed to dig the pool, do the plumbing, and install the sleeves, early on in the project so we could ensure accessibility to the site. Once the rest of the building construction was complete, we finished our scope of work.

This project is located in old Metairie, LA.

Having gone through the long arduous house renovation that we did we can’t imagine ending that experience with any crew better than yours with our outside “renovation”. Your plans, as were all your dealings with us, were drafted very professionally and consistent with the architectural lines of the house, porches and pool. Your success has to be credited greatly to your crews also and to the recommendations you secured for the finishing touches. Your people sometimes worked into the late evenings and returned to check on work done to make sure of the results. You get an A+.