Twin Shores Landscape & Construction Service

Falshaw Residence

Completion: May 1, 2009

Its not everyday that  you get a chance to work with clients that are more excited about their project than we are!  This project was challenging from the beginning with the stringent historical building codes and very limited space in which to work.  We needed to fit a pool, spa, courtyard, and pool house into a space that was big enough for just the pool house.  Creative space planning and a commitment to the program allowed for us to re-arrange multiple site utilities and create a harmonious master plan.  The pool house acts as screen from the neighboring property and focuses itself on the pool.  While in the pool you feel isolated from the world around you and completely relaxed.  The courtyard is nestled into a small space between the main residence and the pool house and can accomodate a nice crowd.  This project was completed in approximately 8 months and is one of our most intriguing works of art.

This project is located in the historic Algiers Point of Algiers, LA.

We had a wonderful experience working with Byron and his team at Twin Shores. From the first meeting we felt confident that Byron understood our design aesthetic and he came up with a design we loved and that satisfied the Historic District requirements in our neighborhood. He was always enthusiastic, cheerful and reliable. When problems came up they were dealt with promptly. The end result is more beautiful than we could have hoped for, almost maintenance free and in daily use. We are 100% satisfied with the work provided by Byron and Twin Shores and have no hesitation in recommending them.

-A Happy Client